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Time For Her First Haircut

The lawn running along the stream, in front of the bedroom pod has come on in leaps and bounds. We decided to hydro-seed it and the seed was quite dormant until things warmed up a little and pow, she hasn’t looked back. Thick, luscious locks without a weed in sight.

We worked with the Shane and his team at Dingo Groundworx – they were awesome. Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. They came in and scraped out the crappy muck that was on the ground, and set the levels. Then spread about 100mm of top soil, with another 100mm of lawn mix on top, before spraying on the seed.

Now the grass is about 60mm long I need to give the lawn its first cut. It’s still pretty soft underfoot though with all that new soil and the amount of rain that we keep getting. So I bought a Flymo mower off Trade Me and plan to walk around the lawn edges, while the Flymo floats over the top – stopping any foot or wheel marks ruining the lawn.

Then hopefully, once the rain stops and a crust forms, she’ll get nice and solid over summer. Plus the root system will bind everything together.

Have also just seeded out behind the living pod, so looking forward to seeing that sprout soon too.


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  1. Hi Ben, I see your front door is also western red cedar, is the inside panel cedar also? Just wondering how that looks inside with the oak. As you can tell we are trying to decide on a front door and struggling with whether we change the inside panel. Thanks

    • Hey Becky. We actually have used an aluminium door panel from Fletchers/Rylock, powered coated Ironsand colour to match our window joinery. So this is what you see on the inside. Then on the outside, our builder face fixed the cedar cladding to the aluminium panel, matching the boards above on the house. We were able to get such a hidden effect because we didn’t need a head flashing over the door due to the canopy over the entrance way. Was a bit of work which needed planning from the start to get the profiles flush. Hope that helps!? Fletchers have some awesome solutions though, you can print virtually anything you want behind glass panel doors – even timber effects – worth a look. http://www.fwds.co.nz/Doors/Entrance

    • Hi Sean. No they were great. We met with the Council during our due diligence period before settling on the section and shared our overall vision for spanning the stream. They essentially didn’t have a problem so long as we followed a set of criteria that they provided us, such as minimum floor height to clear 100 year flood levels. We ticked all the boxes and got approval very easily.

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