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Our Other Two Bedrooms

I’ve finally gotten around to taking some photos of our other two bedrooms. One we have set up as a guest bedroom, and the other is a bit of an office with a pull out sofa if we have a full house.

We used Sugarloaf Island Half by Dulux for the feature wall in both rooms, along with Little Manly Half for the other walls, trim and ceiling.


Curtains custom made by Kresta, Smart Strand Silk carpet from Carpet Court, bed from Freedom, throw from Freedom, bedsides from Freedom, artwork and feature pillows from Shut The Front Door, lamps from Lighting Direct, paint by Dulux.


Custom made curtains from Kresta, Smart Strand Silk carpet from Carpet Court, table from Trestle Union, chairs from Freedom, sofa bed from Smooch, artwork and plant from Shut The Front Door, lamp from Lighting Direct, paint by Dulux.


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  1. First off, what a beautiful home! I recently stumbled upon your blog after my wife and I also decided to build our new home, because we were looking for other people who have gone through the process. Your posts and pictures have gotten us so excited to go through the process. We are luckily getting a local home builder called Pointe Homes, http://www.pointe-homes.com, who are supposedly pretty good, because from what I’ve read the home builder can make a huge difference!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi John, many thanks for your comment – all the way from Texas! Thank you, we are so happy with our home. Truly is a dream to be living in there now. You’ll love the process, including the low points when you have the luxury of time to look back on them! Good luck, hope your build goes well – feel free to share progress updates with us! Cheers, Ben.

    • Oh and yes, your builder is the key person/people in the whole process so make sure you have a great one – which our guys at Haven Renovations were!

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